Today I'm following on from my last post, where I'll be giving you some hot ideas on how to build that all important money list for your bricks and mortar business.

Over the years I have tried many different ways to build lists – some have failed spectacularly, whilst others have blossomed. So rather than put you through the time, testing and yes, sometimes, agony – I'm going to give you my top 12 ways to build a highly responsive list for your business.

My top 12 tips –

  1. Include an opt in form on every page of your web site.
  2. Free stuff – include a free guide or information pack to potential clients, however get them sign up via an opt in form before they can download.
  3. Ask your existing clients for referrals (don’t forget to incentivise, for instance Offer discount codes etc)
  4. Run through you customer database and for any you don’t have email addresses for, send them a letter or give them a call and ask for it.
  5. Offer special offers or discounts for email only orders or enquiries
  6. Use Facebook to its full advantage…… add opt in forms to your page, Post links to your guides or newsletters.
  7. Include a simple one liner on the back of your business cards (and other printed marketing material) inviting people to sign up for your free guide etc.
  8. Add links to opt in forms for your various info packs etc on the bottom of your emails.
  9. Have an “open house” where you can invite local businesses to come visit and view your wares but insist they book via email.
  10. At all exhibitions and events ensure the email address is taken from potential clients – offer to email over some info to them, for example maybe a discount voucher or something similar.
  11. Include a forward to your friend link on you web site
  12. Join your local business group or local Chamber of Commerce collect email addresses in return for maybe your newsletter.

Remember that the easiest way to get people on to your list is to offer them something of value in return, try to avoid giving discount codes or vouchers, instead offer something of additional value to them, such as a free guide, report, video, sample or maybe a consultation.

By building a list in this way you will over time build possibly the most valuable asset for your business as well – that being a huge list of qualified, targeted prospects that have held their hand up and said “yes, I'm interested in what you have to offer”…

For the last time this week (ok maybe not ;), let me remind you again – The Money is in the List 🙂