Is Google Local Maps…Going All SEO!?

Only time will tell whether this will ever go live, but one things for sure if it does…SEO will become even more important than ever as the optimized sites on the first page of Google will also have an image, a placement tag and yes…even be shown on the local maps box as well!

Google vs Yellow Pages

The Yellow Pages….10 years ago the bedrock of small business advertising….now almost a nobody.


The internet of course.

I don’t know about you but our recent yellow pages directory turned up last week smaller than ever, under the remit that it was in it’s new handy size?!

What Would You Do Without The Internet!?

I’m not the biggest South Park fan in the world (Family Guy and Simpsons however both rock!) but my two teenage boys love it. Anyway a couple of nights ago we watched the episode where the whole world loses the internet and wow did it get me thinking…

I mean, what would you do without the internet?

Let’s think about it…

Albert Einstein – Need Not Apply

I’m writing this post for anyone that is struggling to make their business a success or indeed has a confidence problem and as a result – feels like the world is out to get you. Over the years I have had some very dark days (heck make that months!) where I felt like I was […]

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